the Hydraulic Power Unit



If you are considering to certificate the quality of your cylinders, attesting the performance, but at the same time you are not sure if to afford in short-time planning a too expensive investment in machinery: your starting point in creating an advanced and computerized work-station around the operator, at your workshop, could be the Hydraulic Power Unit alone.

This machine alone is perfect to have your own technology to proof your customer you’re delivering only the best quality product. The Hydraulic Power Unit, as the core of the machine, can be in future easily integrated by other tools (such as supporting benches, shuttle introducer, automated assembly- screwing group…) to speed up working cycles at your production department.

A Hydraulic Power Unit is complete with an industrial PC and a software to test your hydraulic cylinders and the machine is capable to be adapted to perform with power pressures up to 350 / 500 / 700 bar.

In concrete the HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT is an equipment designed to satisfy the typical needs of manufacturers and repairers of hydraulic cylinders during the cylinder’s tests, which are the followings:

  • Air mode
  • Flushing
  • Low pressure test
  • High pressure test
  • Stress test
  • At equivalent chambers test-pressure

Choose to certify that the cylinder complies with specific required technical standards.  The results of the tests mentioned above are documented by a final test report which can be stored and shared in digital or paper printed. The Test report can be arranged and customized for special requirements you may need to make “visible” for your customer, or to keep it as an internal-use documentation, think about when it could be necessary to verify the standard quality of a specific lot-production.

  • report A.F. Automazione

As this machine unit is already conform to the industry 4.0 standards, verify what are the financial benefits your entitled to have in your own country if you opt for an interconnected machinery.


Hydraulic POWER UNIT: Components.


The main electrical panel for system management and control is supplied with a Siemens PLC and industrial computer for entering the test data and instant-reading of the results obtained.  All variables related to measurements will be displayed on the touch-screen monitor of the industrial computer.  The switchgear panel is integrated in the hydraulic unit compartment.


AF 35.02 SOFTWARE developed by our engineers

The dedicated software for management of the bench is a result of the experience acquired by AF Automazione in the specific field of programming for the industrial automation.  It was specifically designed for test benches and the version AF35.02 can be easily adapted with the aim to meet our customer’s specific test requirements.  It includes the logical software installed in the PLC for an automatic test management, as well as the software for recording the test data obtained through the computer elaboration.  The data can be exported to the company IT system in different formats, also in order to create an archive of the tests applied on the cylinder. The industrial PC is connected via web in order to permit the remote maintenance and assistance in case of alarms or inconveniences in production.

  • Software bench test


The real heart of the machine