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Between our departments and technicians.
At our company you can find these experts:
industrial software experts,
mechanical designers and assemblers,
industrial electrician experts,
experts in the hydraulic sector.


In projecting and as a quality of our staff.
A distinction we definitely own is the capability to apply our projecting skills in very different market segments which are asking for automation. Our staff delivers its expertise all around the world.


Extreme importance given to ethic of work as much as the quality of the components used. To create our machines we rely only on the top brands, and genuine human talent.

We have proven experience

Synergy between our departments:


Our mechanical department is specialized in two-dimensional and three-dimensional machine designs, special devices, production lines and systems.
Thanks to the quality of our design, the Cremona chamber of commerce awards us with the “Reliability and efficiency certificate”.
Our staff, which consist of qualified and high-skilled specialists and engineers, design flexible and efficient solutions using the latest generation CAD software.


We project first, and then we develop the perfect tools for hydraulic cylinders. Machines to test and to assemble are our core business in the hydraulic sector.


Our electrical department uses the most popular electrical design software in the industrial automation sector: SPAC Automazione.
The electrical design and documents are essential in manufacturing industrial automation system, moreover they are essential part of machines.
Our department produces complete electrical documents in compliance with current regulations (EN 61082-1) in the language of the final client.



In the industrial automation sector, the programming and the configuration of electronic system is a very important subject.
We use PLC to manage the process and movement logic; Electronic BUS to decentralize the plant signal; Operator panels HMI to show the machine parameter; Inverter, servo systems and brushless for motion control; Soft logic software PLC integrated in a PC; Monitoring systems to manage and control plants; Artificial vision to control quality and manage the system depending on the detected data; Flexible robot to move, to weld, to assemble.

Our Businnes

Test Benches

Test Benches

For Hydraulic Cylinders
Automatic Warehouses

Automatic Warehouses

Customized Projects
Robot automation

Automated Projects

Custom Engineered Systems
  • automazione cilindri
  • Parker
  • cross
  • LNG Crane
  • Cilindri idraulici di natale
  • Tecno 3 cilindri
  • Mendi group

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