The Series Bat-h 35/40 of machines here considered are mainly built with the purpose of assembling hydraulic cylinders of medium and great dimensions, as heavy weights.
These range of cylinders may result difficult or impossible to be managed in manual mode and a safe manner by one or even more operators.
Testing module has always been applied on these machines, until now.

On all the models of this series , the following functions or component are present as a standard:

  • Separate hydraulic power unit, with control pc unit, and electric panel.
  • Standard pressures up to 350 bar (available higher pressures on request).
  • Reinforced mechanical structure to support the higher loads in terms of cylinders positioned.
  • Hydraulic clamps for cylinder blocking.
  • Rear stop wall for cylinder blocking in the rod introduction phase.
  • Sliding protection, of 8mm thickness, transparent as shatterproof proper cage to ensure safety during testing phase.




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