The series BAT-H 15/20 bench is a system designed mainly for testing of hydraulic cylinders of small and medium size.

Different models of test-bench respond to different management of your workshop or production philosophy.
The following items and components are provided as a standard, on every test bench available:

  • Hydraulic Power Unit, with control panel and electrical panel.
  • Standard pressures up to 350 bar (available higher pressures on request).
  • Structure made with extruded aluminum structural profiles.
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic clamps for locking the cylinder in place during testing.
  • Rear stop wall, for cylinder blocking during rod-introduction phase.
  • Transparent resistant shatterproof cage as to ensure safety while tests are carried out.


  • Assembly unit complete of shuttle introducer, Screw- Unscrewing module for the heads of cylinders.


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