Customized Projects

Automatic Warehouse

In an unstoppable growing field of business, we do our best to focus on projects that “take shape” in conformity to your goods. Why to take into consideration an automatic warehouse?

Take the most of the room potential at your disposal;

  • Decrease storage/search/picking tempos;
  • Reduce goods’ damage and drawbacks of losing goods;
  • Storage management by technological method;
  • Keep organized and clean the working environment, in order to minimize injury risks for you staff.

We have the skills and the internationally achieved experience , to study for You the smarter solution, depending on the goods you need to keep organized, depending also on the picking and storage frequency and the available space you want to arrange for an A.W.


  • Automatic Warehouse


Glue dosing bench with UV lamps

This project was developed to obtain a meticulous and precise dispensing of glue (adapted for the Diaphragm Kit,D-Kit, in this specific case) and its subsequent drying of the adhesive applied on the product, by UV lamps use.The bench improves product-quality and increases productivity in general cause of:

  • Exact dosing of the adhesive without possibility of waste;
  • Ergonomic workstation for the operator;
  • Reduction of work time cycles. 


  • glue dosing1

A.F. has also gained experience in the AUDIO sector.

The test cycle of the loudspeakers is carried out automatically and the data and graphs relative to the conformity tests are compared to the expected standards as displayed in real time on the monitor.

The outcome of the test is shown by the lighting of one of the two lights placed on the bench in the upper section: red or green light, depending on whether the test result is negative or positive.

Based on the outcome of this testing phase, the Woofer will continue the route along the production line, or it will be dismissed in the non-compliant products section. 

The sound-absorbing material composing the bench and the hermetically-sealed closure of the test box guarantee the correct execution of the tests mentioned above and its validity.


  • audio casse automazione

We Create Automation Around our Customers’ Requirements