Below there’s a list of the main optional components that can be included to let your bench perform at its finest possibilities, in order to optimize production and test-scheduling at  Your company’s workshop.

Our Optionals are:

  1. Monitoring of Oil Contamination
  2. Measurement laser device to control braking and stroke
  3. Equipment for vertical assembly and testing
  4. Locking with chains in horizontal position 
  5. Efficiency control on the internal transducers of the cylinder
  6. Screwing / Unscrewing device system
  7. Shuttle / Cart Introducer
  8. Test with an opposed-force cylinder

Monitoring of Oil Contamination

The system for monitoring oil contamination includes a particle counter device installed in line with the hydraulic system, connected itself with AF 35.02 software.

The particle reading generates an oil quality class based on the ISO 4406 e NAS  1638 references scale. These values are displayed on the PC monitor and printed out in the test report.


Measurement laser device to control braking and stroke

In order to verify the efficiency of the cylinder stroke braking system, it is possible to install a device which analyses the typical braking curve. It is compatible with our AF35.02 software and enables the operator to print-out a dedicated report showing a diagram and the deviations/offsets from the specific set reference value.


Equipment for vertical assembly and testing

A vertical system has been studied and created for blocking the cylinders. It is placed at the extremity of the bench. This system is useful for cylinders which are characterized by limited lengths but important diameters and great weight. With this system it is possible to test and to assemble them. The locking system has a chain which resistance is assured by a hydraulic cylinder.

  • dispositivo collaudo verticale


Locking with chains in horizontal position

In order to lock the cylinders which are distinguished by bigger diameters with over 300mm of Ø, we have projected a locking system with chains, assured by 2 hydraulic cylinders and distant between one another (2 extremities of cylinder) to keep it blocked on the bench in safety.


Efficiency control on the internal transducers of the cylinder

We install a multi-function electronic system (output in Volt and Ampere), to check the electrical efficiency of the position transducers installed inside the cylinder. The signal sent by the internal transducer is acquired by our software and compared with the specific stroke values of the cylinder.


Screwing / Unscrewing device system

In order to carry out the heaviest assembly operations, We have developed an innovative system to screw and unscrew the head of the cylinder: here the automation becomes a chance to make the operator’s work easier. Keep in mind the screwing system can be installed in association with the shuttle introducer only to function properly.

The system is composed by:

  • Motorized rotating group in both directions (to screw and unscrew), with the possibility of setting the speed and control the torque force necessary to operate the screwing/unscrewing;
  • Automatic system to hook and set the rotation of the flange (interchangeable vices to adapt to various flanges diameters);
  • Automatic height adjustment to center the device in relation to the cylinder diameter;

All the parameters can be set in the touch-screen panel and stored for each “range” of cylinders for following productions.


Shuttle / Cart Introducer

The shuttle has two main functions:

  • It is the place to assemble the rod with the head and the piston of greater dimensions,
  • It is the introduction system of the piston when assembled inside the barrel.

There’s an extremity back-support impeding the axial movement, adjustable at variable positions and equipped with blocking tools to prevent also the rotation of rods positioned on cart.

Two V shaped exchangeable (for different diameters) blocking devices that keep the rod in place, are made with nonabrasive materials in order to protect from damage the rod’s surface.

The blocking system is protected by a dedicated system or hydraulic vices especially projected.


Test with an opposed-force cylinder

The test bench can be provided with a customized system upon a specific range of your cylinders production, in order to carry out the stress-test to assure the holding of the non-return valves (check valves), installed on some type of cylinders. The device foresees the application of a hydraulic cylinder of suitable dimensions (mentioned above) which when mechanically connected to the cylinder in test, generates a pushing and pulling forces upon 5500 kg, to obtain a controlled pressure in the cylinders which is in test phase.

This element will be built characterized by a strong mechanical structure able to support the efforts generated during this cycle. Everything will be managed and recorded by the software, with a specific section in the Report Test that will summarize the data obtained.

In case you don’t plan to use the cylinder in opposed force, it will be possible to remove it from the work bench, by removing the fixing screws and disconnecting the oil supply pipes. Note, that in case you opt for the predisposition to test with an opposed-force cylinder, the bench must be equipped with hydraulic blockages in order keep the cylinders in position and avoid dangerous and unexpected movements during test cycle.


Allow your test-bench to perform at its finest possibilities.

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